How to put galaxies in shit:

I’m gonna explain this as simply as I possibly can, so I’m sorry if you’re already experienced in Photoshop and are bored with it. Also, I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0, so if you have a different version, things might be a little different for you.

1. Pick a picture. It’s best if you pick one that has nice quality, and is focused on the part you want to put galaxies (or whatever else in) I’m going to use this one:

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I’ll be putting the galaxies in her nails. It should be easy because the lines of where her nails start and stop are pretty obvious. 

2. Open your picture in Photoshop (Go to File and then New, and if you’ve got a picture on your clipboard, Photoshop should get the size right for you. Click okay, then past your image.) and resize it if it needs to be resized. (If you’re making the picture to post on tumblr, the picture has to be sort of small. I usually just make either the width or length, which ever one’s largest, 500px) You can do this by going to “Image” at the top, then going to “Image Size…” If you change one dimension, the other will change too, so you won’t need to worry about it.

3. Hit Okay. Then press ctrl+j two times to make two coppies of your picture. One of them you’ll be using later, the other is just in case you mess up. Make the two layers you just made invisible by click the eye picture beside them. Then make sure you have the first layer selected. (Just click on it if you don’t.)

4.Now it’s time to start selecting the parts you want the galaxies to be in. I use the polygonal lasso tool. (Click and hold on the lasso too to see different tools.) You could use other ways to select the parts, but this is easiest for me.

5. Select and delete the parts you want the galaxy to be in. If you’re using the polygonal lasso tool, click where you want your selection to start, and then click in different place to make the selection follow that line. If you click in the wrong place you can hit backspace to undo just one point. Or you could hit it multiple times to undo a few. Once you have the part selected you want to delete, just hit the delete key on your keyboard. It should now be the color of your background layer.

6. Paste a picture you want to show up in the while part behind the layer you have selected. That picture should be there now. Do this four or five more time with different pictures, each in a different layer.

8.That layer I told you to make invisible? There is where you need it. Use the magic wand tool to select anything you have deleted. (make sure you have the picture layer selected for this.) Then press ctrl+shift+I to invert the selection. Make the invisible layer visible, make sure it’s selected, then click delete. This will make it look like it did when you first started.

That part in the red box, I’m not sure what it’s called, try the different things in it, and see which you thinks looks best. (Usually multiply or overlay looks pretty good.) You can also change the opacity of the layer (to the right of the red box) to see if that looks any better. You don’t actually have to do this part, but usually it makes the picture look a lot better.

7. I’m not sure when Adobe started putting the animation part in Photoshop, so if you have anything newer than 7.0, first go to “Window” at the top, and see if you have an option for animation. If so, click on it. If not, press ctrl+shift+m and Photoshop will open your picture in ImageReady. 

I’m not sure if this has a name, but it’s probably called a timeline. Click on the thing in the red box to make a new frame. On that new frame, make the top layer of galaxies, nebulae, or whatever your using invisible. Make sure you do this instead of deleting it. Repeat this step, making new layers, and then making the top visible galaxy invisible until you’re on the last picture.

8. Click on the play symbol in the red box above to see your animation. 

9. To save your animation, go to “File” then “Save Optimized.” Or just press ctrl+alt+s.

And now you’re done. c:

I hoped this helped and was easy enough to understand. (: