luna-de-mar asked:
Gosh! Your Blog it's so AWESOME!! and the Pics *--*

thanks! :D

cray0n asked:
these are all lovely c:
do you edit peoples pictures?

Thanks! And for now, I do. c:

forthe-ecstasy asked:
▲ OMG HIPSTER TRIANGLES AND GALAXIES OMG CAN'T BREATHE AHHHH. Hahaha, Galaxiesinshit (creative name btw), your tumblr is the sex. Followed and reblogged.

hahah, thankyou! :DD

allthingsuglyandbeautiful asked:
Oh my god, I am in love with your work! It's so beautiful. Mind making one for me? It's so gorgeous! You're pure genius.

Thanks! <3 and sure, I’ll make you one. c:

sadamericannight asked:
so i kinda sorta had to add "LIKE A BOSS" to your epic Leo ironing gif <3
I'd submit it but you don't have that >.>


that is awesome. thank you. :D haha

sl-u-t-s asked:
zomgg love your tumblr!! <333
How did you make this?? Please tell me!:

I just erased the skirt in photoshop and put different pictures of nebulae in the layer below it, then animated it in image ready. :D 

brittabutter asked:
I absolutely LOVE your blog! All of the pictures are so perfectly chosen :)
You do a great job!

ahh, thankyou :D

pro-spects asked:
I Love your Blog!

thankyou c:

heyymary asked:
omgod lovely blog! :D
I'll be visiting it daily <33

thanks :D 

Anonymous asked:
i love your blog do you edit these pictures?
and if you do edit them how like a website?

Thanks. I do. I use photoshop and image ready.

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