decimalsanddollars asked:
You should somehow put galaxies and nebulae.... inside a nebula...

I’ve been thinking about doing that. :D I’m not so sure how though. I think I’ll get to work on figuring how I should go about that now.


Yo dawg, I heard you like nebulae, so we but some nebulae in yo nebulae so you can be hipster while you’re being hipster.

I just found out I don’t have to work until tomorrow! :D

Who’s ready for a spam of nebulae? c:

babblingbumblinbandofbaboons asked:
LOVE ur blog..1 of da best ive eva seen...ur picz are priceless...how do get that effect???

thanks :D I explained it in a previous post. :3

imaginoreo asked:
love your galaxy blog :D it's awesome

thanks! :D

I had a little bit of time before work, so I put some pictures I made in school on the queue. :D

Also, hello new followers. How are you?

enalucia asked:
Hey there! :3
Your blog is super awesome. Oh, especially the photos.
I love themso mucho. :D

Uhh, I wanna ask, how do you do those? :O

xox, stay awesomee. ;;)

hii :D

It’s real easy. Just open a picture in photoshop, delete the parts of the picture where you want whatever’s flashing in it to be. Then put what you want to flash in different layers behind the picture. Then if you have an older version of Photoshop, press ctrl+shift+M and it’ll open image ready, and you can animate it there. Or just animate it in Photoshop if you have a more new one.

unbreaxkable asked:
I looooooooooooooooove your blog<3 :)

thaaaaaaaaanks :D

thecureisyoulittlemiracle-deact asked:
I love you.

you're stuff is fucking brilliant.

i love you too.


iheart-books asked:


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